Directions to Hindu Temple:

From New York:

Take Garden State Parkway-South, Exit 44 – Bear Right on the ramp and continue on Right side (Pomona Road also Rt. 575 South) – After @ 3 miles, pass the blinking traffic light ( Rt.561 intersection), and then pass next two traffic lights (Rt. 633 intersection-Jimmy Leeds Rd. and then Rt.30 intersection-White Horse Pike) and continue driving on Pomona Road for another one mile.Temple is on the Right side of the road after ‘Mile marker 12’ – Total distance from G.S.Parkway Exit 44 to Hindu Temple is 4.7 miles.

From Philadelphia:

Take Atlantic City Expressway-Exit 12 – Bear Left on the ramp and on the ‘STOP’ sign turn Left on to Wrangleboro Road-Rt. 575 North. After @ 2 miles, pass the traffic light (Rt. 563 intersection-Tilton Road), and then drive @ 0.3 miles to the Temple which is on the Left side of Pomona Road (Wrangleboro Rd.). Total distance from A.C.Exp.(East) -Exit 12 to Hindu Temple is 2.3 miles.

From Washington D.C. & Baltimore:

Follow Interstate 95-South to Philadelphia, PA. and take Walt Whitman Bridge Exit going in to New Jersey. On the Walt Whitman Bridge follow sign for Atlantic City – Rt.42 South which will take you towards Atlantic City Expressway. Now follow directions From Philadelphia.

From Atlantic City:

Drive on A.C.Exp.(West) towards Philadelphia and take Exit 12 (Shopping Center). After paying toll, drive up to the traffic light and turn Right on to Wrangleboro Road-Rt.575 North.Pass three traffic lights in 2.5 miles on Wrangleboro Road After 3rd traffic light (Rt.563 intersection-Tilton Road) drive on Wrangleboro Rd. @ 0.3 miles and the Temple is on the Left side of Pomona Road (Wrangleboro Rd,). Total distance from A.C.Exp.(West) -Exit 12 to Hindu Temple is 3 miles.

From Cape May, Wildwood & Ferry:

Take Garden State Parkway – North, Exit 38-A(Atlantic City Exp.-Philadelphia) and Now follow directions From Atlantic City.