The Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and His Consort Radha. Krishna is a Poorna Avatar, having all the sixteen characteristics of The Lord when He Incarnates in Human Form. Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The Preserver or the sustaining power for the whole of Creation. Radha is the incarnation of Shree Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth and consort of Vishnu. Radha symbolizes Devotion and only through pure devotion can the Lord be attained.

The main alter will also be Graced by Lord Shiva and The Devine Mother, Jagad-Amba. Mataji symbolizes Sakti (the Energy principle) and Shiva symbolizes the Matter principle. The whole creation is a manifestation of the interplay of The Shiv-Sakti principle. Sri Ganesh, Sita-Ram, Hanumanji and Sri Maha virswami are also venerated in their own alters, to inspire the devotee to choose his or her favorite form of the Devine to worship. The mastercraftsman in Jaipur had the Divine vision to visualize these Deities in pure white marble and have through their devotion and skill worked diligently to enable us to have Blissful Darshan of God.