About Us

To preserve and promote the Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of the South Jersey Hindu community.


  • To organize Hindu pujas and Festivals for the Hindu community
  • To promote ideals, values and principles of Hindu religion to the Indian people living in the South Jersey area
  • To encourage youths in the participation and activities of the Hindu Temple Society
  • To provide the Temple hall to the community for private functions such as weddings, graduations, birthdays, or any other celebrations for a nominal rent.
  • To engage in charitable, educational and Spiritual activities.

To Preserve Our Precious Heritage
Hindu Temple Society of South Jersey (Atlantic City area) & its History

On behalf of the Hindu Temple Society of South Jersey (Atlantic City area), we are delighted and proud to announce the opening of the Hindu Temple to the people of South Jersey.

The Dream

During the 1990’s, it was but a dream of the leading members of Atlantic City Area’s Indian Community who regularly gathered at somebody’s house for prayer meetings. These prayer meetings often lead to discussion for the need for a religious and cultural center. A site where prayer and meditation might take place; where our children and grand children might learn about and celebrate their culture; where pujas and Hindu festivals would be celebrated; where Hindus living in the area and in America would be given that which they cherish most – their heritage.

Today, we stand upon the threshold of that dream as it is about to be fulfilled. Our local community members assumed the enormous and significant task of planning and building a Hindu Temple complex in the South Jersey region. With donation from the community, and their personal money, purchased 7.1 acres of land in Galloway Township, NJ, to build Hindu Temple. There are many members in the community whose dedication and selfless service could also be mentioned, like Pravin Khatiwala, Kishor Ghelani and Parimal Parikh should be worth mentioning here, as they have spent an innumerable amount of their personal time in overseeing the construction of the temple from start to finish. The magnificent temple of Lord Krishna stands tall in Atlantic City area representing the immeasurable energy, abundant generosity, encouragement and the participation of the members of our community.

We appeal to the members of our Hindu community to join this noble endeavor they will serve as the focal point of religious, cultural and educational experiences; that will enrich and purify our life, for all, young and old, not only for our community, but for people of all faiths.