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 571 South, Pomona Road, P.O.Box 810, Pomona, NJ 08215


From New York
Take Garden State Parkway-South, Exit 44 - Bear Right on the ramp and continue on Right side (Pomona Road also Rt. 575 South) - After @ 3 miles, pass the blinking traffic light ( Rt.561 intersection), and then pass next two traffic lights (Rt. 633 intersection-Jimmy Leeds Rd. and then Rt.30 intersection-White Horse Pike) and continue driving on Pomona Road for another one mile.Temple is on the Right side of the road after ‘Mile marker 12’ - Total distance from G.S.Parkway Exit 44 to Hindu Temple is 4.7 miles.

From Philadelphia
Take Atlantic City Expressway-Exit 12 - Bear Left on the ramp and on the ‘STOP’ sign turn Left on to Wrangleboro Road-Rt. 575 North. After @ 2 miles, pass the traffic light (Rt. 563 intersection-Tilton Road), and then drive @ 0.3 miles to the Temple which is on the Left side of Pomona Road (Wrangleboro Rd.). Total distance from A.C.Exp.(East) -Exit 12 to Hindu Temple is 2.3 miles.

From Washington D.C. & Baltimore
Follow Interstate 95-South to Philadelphia, PA. and take Walt Whitman Bridge Exit going in to New Jersey. On the Walt Whitman Bridge follow sign for Atlantic City - Rt.42 South which will take you towards Atlantic City Expressway. Now follow directions From Philadelphia.

From Atlantic City
Drive on A.C.Exp.(West) towards Philadelphia and take Exit 12 (Shopping Center). After paying toll, drive up to the traffic light and turn Right on to Wrangleboro Road-Rt.575 North.Pass three traffic lights in 2.5 miles on Wrangleboro Road After 3rd traffic light (Rt.563 intersection-Tilton Road) drive on Wrangleboro Rd. @ 0.3 miles and the Temple is on the Left side of Pomona Road (Wrangleboro Rd,). Total distance from A.C.Exp.(West) -Exit 12 to Hindu Temple is 3 miles .

From Cape May, Wildwood & Ferry
Take Garden State Parkway – North, Exit 38-A(Atlantic City Exp.-Philadelphia) and Now follow directions From Atlantic City.

Map of 571 S Pomona Rd Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215-3806